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This is a tool that is especially being developed to regress OData Services. Current release only support few test like ($select, Top, etc ), more test will be added over the time.

it can be quite useful to for those who are developing several service and entities as well as implementing there own provider that require lot of url verification. Please Download Full User Guide for more details and to get started as well.  You can also check out a sample result file here 


  1. Standalone Test Configuration file that defines all required information to execute the test like endpoints parameters etc.
  2. Automatically generation of OData  urls formats
  3. Generates Excel\HTML reports
  4. Multithreaded Execution  
  5. Project and Service Specific Customization supported
  6. Support Multilingual Testing in case of Language sensitive response
  7. Collect the exception and diagnostic data in Excel file 
  8. Capture Performance data as well

Main UI Screen


What It Can Do (When to Use)

  1. If you want to verify all standard URL patterns are responding
  2. Need to know the response time for different standard queries.
  3. Need to analyze overall execution pattern (Slowest/Fastest queries)
  4. Need to execute test overnight
  5. Need to monitor your services 

Other Screenshots

Execution Under Command Prompt


Result /Report in Excel format


Current Release

  1. Preview : This is preview release for community. 


  1. As of now build is stable and testes against public Northwind service  however some test need to be enhance to achieve more real time queries. For example $filter is currently being tested only against Null/Not Null , More support will be given in future releases.


  1. Dot.Net Framework 4.0

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