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 OData Validation Tool kit. Vs Regression Test Tool 

OData Validation Tool kit when you have just few services to develop for large scale development it has certain limitations when it comes to quick regression

  1. It Required to run through Visual Studio that makes difficult to use for other stack holders (non developers)
  2. Not a Generic Solution: The problem with “OData Validation Tool kit” is that it is not generic enough and for each set of services it produces different setoff test cases with hardcoded urls.
  3. Execution and Reporting: Also it does not offer any out of the box solution to execute and analyze the result except Visual Studio integration.
  4. Service Operation is not supported.
  5. Parameterization and parameter randomization not supported.
  6. There is no straight way for injecting project specific url mapping for example in our case we are using Service Operation as Entity Set.
  7. There is no support for testing custom implementation such as $format=txt in our project.


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